Huntington Beach High School Yearbook

Huntington Beach High School Yearbook

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Sponsor/Business Ad Information

Sponsor Information

Interested in the publication of the Huntington Beach High School Cauldron yearbook?

The best way you can help is through sponsorship. We need donations to fund the publication of our yearbook and depend on you for them.

Donating to our yearbook could earn you a reward of recognition. We will also list you as a sponsor with your information on our sponsor page in the yearbook.

Bronze Donors…..$75

Silver Donors…..$150

Gold Donors…..$300; you will receive a plaque commending your generous donations

Platinum Donors…..above $300; you will receive a plaque commending your generous donations

Business Ad Information

Interested in having your business featured in the 2014 Cauldron Yearbook?

Placing a business ad in the Cauldron yearbook will expose your business to all of Huntington Beach High School students, staff and parents! It is not only a great investment for your business but also for our yearbook, we need the donations to fund our publication.

Half page ad

Quarter page ad

Business card sized

We will design a business spread for you at no cost, given you provide us with your information and logo.