Huntington Beach High School Yearbook

Huntington Beach High School Yearbook

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Purchasing Your Yearbook!!


Yearbooks can be purchased two different places throughout most of the year:

1. Online through HBHS Oiler Store

2. At the Finance Office window on the HBHS campus with cash or check


At registration with ASB card (on campus only): $100

Offer 1: Registration -- Sept. 30th: $110

Offer 2: Oct. 1 -- Jan. 31st: $125

Offer 3: Feb. 1 -- Feb 28th: $140

Offer 4: Mar. 1 -- April 30th: $165

After May 1- end of the school year, $165 in cash at the Finance Office

2016-2017 Yearbook  & Old Yearbooks        

           Forgot to pick up your pre-purchased book from last year? OR would you like to purchase a yearbook from last year? ($165 cash only) 

See Ms. Jontig in room B20 during 0 period or tutorial ONLY                       

Please submit a Senior Quote for the yearbook by completing this Google Form. You MUST be signed into your school email account in order to access the form. Follow the directions exactly in order to have your quote included under your picture in the yearbook. The LAST DAY to complete this form is Friday 11/3 at 3:00PM.

If you would like to submit baby photos to be featured in the yearbook, please follow the directions below:
    • Due 11/3 by 3:00PM
    • Send to [email protected]
    • Subject line must say STUDENTS NAME Baby Photo
      • Ex. Kaya Faison’s Baby Photo
    • Student name 
    • Grade Level
    • ID number
    • Only submit ONE photo

*** Failure to meet the requirements means it will not be included in book***


Due 11/3 by 3:00PM to room B20

Only ONE photo

Put in clear sandwich bag or envelope

Name on envelope AND on the back of the picture

Grade level on envelope AND on the back of the picture

ID number on envelope AND on the back of the picture

*** Failure to meet the requirements means it will not be included in book***


2016-2017 Seniors!

Schedule your yearbook photo appointment with the Photo House below! Call 714-743-5552.

HBHS Cauldron yearbook has an exclusive business relationship with Photo House only. Photographs from other companies will not be accepted in the yearbook.


Attention senior parents: Don't miss out!  Go online to to purchases a spot in the yearbook to commemorate your son or daughter.  The end of the year will be here before you know it-- make sure your child will get his or her special recognition from you in the yearbook!  

*Best price due date: 11/9/17

*Regular due date: 12/16/17

*Last chance deadline: 1/16/18

Please remember, purchasing a senior ad does NOT include the purchase of a yearbook.

Find out more info on senior ads by going to 


Email [email protected]

Keep in mind, this is a student-run program and a student-made product. They work incredibly hard all year long and do their absolute best. This is a class like any other where learning and growth take place.