Huntington Beach High School Yearbook

Huntington Beach High School Yearbook

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Can I use a service other than Photo House for my senior photo?

HBHS is currently in a contract with Photo House. Depending on the entire student body to submit their individual photos would open our process up to several errors, so only photos from Photo House Photography will be accepted for yearbook submission.

How much does the yearbook cost?


  • At registration with ASB card (on campus only): $100
  • Offer 1: Registration -- Sept. 30th: $110
  • Offer 2: Oct. 1 -- Jan. 31st: $125
  • Offer 3: Feb. 1 -- Feb 28th: $140
  • Offer 4: Mar. 1 -- April 30th: $165
  • After April 30th, $165 in cash at the Finance Office         

How do I purchase a yearbook? 

Yearbooks can be purchased three different places throughout most of the year:

1. Online through HBHS Oiler Store

3. At the Finance Office on the HBHS campus with cash or check

How do I purchase a yearbook from a previous year?

If you wish to purchase a yearbook from last year, you will need to wait until this year's distribution as we hold pre-purchased yearbooks for ONE year and can, therefore, not sell them until that year is up.

If you would like to purchase a yearbook from another year, please contact [email protected] and indicate which year you would like to purchase. If we have that year in our inventory, we will sell the book for the full price of $165, cash only.